Do silver bars have serial numbers?

The molten rod is then stamped with the name of the refiner, its purity and gross weight. Alternatively, a serial number can be stamped on the bar for identification and authentication purposes. Look for a serial number that identifies when the bar was manufactured. Engelhard stamps a serial number on its extruded bars under its logo, just like SilverTowne.

If I want to verify that a bar is legitimate, where do I go or what are the steps to verify the serial number? Johnson Matthey, Silvertown. Do you have a page on your website somewhere where you can enter a series and search your catalog of numbers? The Johnson Matthey 100 oz silver bar is one of United Coin %26 Precious Metals's most popular products. Since the late 1980s, JM has minted ingot products and many of its older products entail large premiums for JM ingot products. Be sure to note that old 100 oz JM silver bars have a serial number, while the new 100 oz JM silver bars don't have one.

At the retail level, Johnson Matthey's 26% palladium gold, silver and platinum products are the favorites of precious metals investors.