Do all johnson matthey silver bars have a serial number?

Genuine Johnson-Matthey ingots have a serial number stamped on the front of the bar. This box is usually left blank on counterfeit bars or may have a laser-engraved serial number instead of a stamped serial number. The Johnson Matthey silver ingot is an easy and economical way to invest in silver, and can even be used to rollover a 401k to a Gold IRA Account. These bars are stamped with unique serial numbers and individually wrapped by the refinery. Johnson Matthey is one of the industry's most renowned and trusted refineries.

The bars in our inventory are. The Silver Johnson Matthey bar is a basic item at the UCPM and is usually in stock. Johnson Matthey gold bars are slightly easier to find than Engelhard gold bars; Engelhard produced far fewer gold bars than Johnson Matthey. The firm became the first London tester to offer a guarantee on the quality of a gold ingot; the business grew when Johnson began offering repurchases of the gold bars it was analyzing.